Sunday, 4 October 2015

Back to School with the Interdimensional Crew (by Saila)

Hey guys! This is my first time writing here and I just wanted to show you some of the back-to-school fashions we've put together.

First, here's all of us together! I'll describe the individual outfits as I go along.

Addy's wearing her blue school dress. She looks really good in blue and the dress is super-fancy (at least to me! She says it's normal for kids of her time though). Emily's got on a mint-green dress and a brown shrug, and she's borrowing Mary Ellen's shoes.

Grace is wearing the outfit she wore to AGP Boston - a slouchy brown sweatshirt, colourful geometric leggings and a pair of stompy black boots. She also has her wheelchair now, which will help with her mobility issues. Josefina's wearing a ruffly white camisa and a red striped skirt - that outfit looks super comfy! 

I lent Caroline my blue cardigan - I thought it'd match the colour of her eyes. She's wearing Grace's meet shirt underneath (covering up that stupid tacky print), a pair of jeggings and a pair of grey polka-dot flats that Grace and Emily picked up from AGP last weekend. She's from 1812 but she'll wear modern stuff anyways because she's a time traveller. Mary Ellen is wearing her poodle skirt outfit - so 50s!

And finally... Alice and me! Alice is wearing a cool punk-inspired outfit that she got on Etsy, accessorized with her 'Queer Nerd' button. I'm pulling a Claudia Kishi from the Baby-Sitters Club with my outfit. I threw on a pink sweatshirt with studs, a floaty white skirt that I borrowed from Grace, and some black leggings, and put my hair in a side ponytail. (The BSC books are some of my favourite books, even though they're really retro now. I bet my mom read them when she was a kid. No cellphones or internet? I think modern technology would make their jobs a lot easier. Like, Claudia wouldn't stand out for having her ~*own phone line*~ - gasp!)


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