Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dolly Rehab: Kanani

I recently found a Kanani (the 2011 AG Girl of the Year) on Ebay for a price that didn't make me cry. She was in need of 'doll whispering' (to use Neth of American Girl Outsider's phrase), but she wasn't completely trashed. She'd been up for a few days and I was surprised she was still available by the time I decided to get her, considering that every other Kanani in similar condition was much more expensive.

Here's how she looked when she was listed on Ebay (photo taken from the Ebay listing):

As you can see, Kanani's got a lot of lipstick marks and shines on her face from the person who'd had her last. Friendly reminder not to put human makeup on dolls - it never looks good and it will end up being difficult to take off down the line. Her hair's also a bit dry. 

Here's how she looks after some scrubbing (and putting some clothes on!): 

Still not perfect, but definitely an improvement. The shines are still there and I'll get rid of those with a Magic Eraser in a few days, but most of the heavier makeup stains are much less visible with some soap and water. I've also put some shine back in her hair with some braid spray, though I may need to do a few more applications over the next few days to get it back to something closer to its original lustre. 

Some more photos: 
Kanani managing to out-Grace Grace in some of her clothes. 

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  1. She looks good - you've cleaned her up well!

    Love the way that top looks on her too.